App Review

Forkly: share.match.explore

I recently discovered an app by the name of Forkly, a Foodspotting competitor in the “Food and Drink” niche. This was a late discovery as the app was created in 2010 and first available to download in 2011.  Fingers crossed I am not the only one that has been oblivious to this.


With Forkly you are able to let the world know when you find an amazing dish or crafty cocktail when out exploring. Just snap a photo or add an item by name and a versatile rating system ranging from “loved it” to “not for me” appears. Choose your rating, add an optional comment and your done – simple right? Also much more interesting that posting every meal you eat to your Instagram profile.


Based on your location, Forkly will match your tastes to popular spots around you.  Determine what looks good, what’s rated well and be on you way! If you happen to disagree then be sure to give your own rating for good measure.

There is also a search function if there is something specific that you are in the mood for (mine just happens to always be an IPA).


Be sure to browse through your Forkly feed to check out what others are tasting around you.  If something looks good “want it” so that the app can better determine your preferences.

In my opinion restaurant rating/discovering apps are a great way to explore your city. They make trying new places more interactive and you get to feel like a true foodie.

Are you using Forkly or another food/drink rating app? Or is giving a review on Instagram, Facebook or Four Square more your style?


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