Craft food, cocktails (and of course art) at the Clyfford Still Museum

It’s interesting to me how each neighborhood in a city can make you feel a different way. With their own quirks and charms, there is so much to explore without having to travel far. Walking through Denver’s Civic Center Cultural Complex last Friday night, I was reminded again why I love this city so much. The energy surrounding the complex made me feel so alive. I think I’ll make a point to spend more time in this neighborhood from now on.

The Clyfford Still Museum, part of Denver’s Civic Center Cultural Complex, is dedicated solely to the life and work of one of the most influential painters of the 20th century. Wanting to keep all of his artwork and possessions in one place after his death, Still instructed in his will that one American city would receive the entire collection if establishing a permanent headquarters exclusively for this purpose. In 2004, twenty-five years after his death, Denver was given a 10 year option to realize this request and in 2011 the Clyfford Still Museum opened it’s doors to the public, fulfilling the vision tenfold.

Luckily enough I was able to come across some tickets for the museum’s weekly diSTILL event,  persuading me to visit the museum for the first time, which is something that I have been wanting to do for quite awhile.

This week the theme was diSTILLed: Craft which featured craft food and cocktails from the following:

Pint’s Pub
Serving their Alchemy E.S.B, a crisp, smooth English bitter, the gentlemen pouring the beer was fantastic and gave us cards for two free pints when visiting the pub next.

221 West 13th Avenue
Denver, CO 80204

City O’ City
Starting out with a sampling of their Kimchi and “Sausage” Torta, featuring a fig/apricot/barley patty with pickle relish, mayo and house-made kimchi, we were more than impressed. Surprisingly even my boyfriend, a die hard carnivore, enjoyed it.

Their cocktail offerings were both made with Spring 44 Old Tom Gin (a favorite). One a black pepper and hazelnut lemonade and the other a ginger ice tea, both delicious.

206 East 13th Avenue
Denver, CO 80203

The Populist
A little further from the Civic Center area, located in the RiNo district of Denver, The Populist was at the event serving shots of their cauliflower and pear soup, a rich and creamy treat.

Miniature butternut squash pancakes with bourbon maple syrup and candied pepitas (delicious!) were also on the menu, promoting their brunch menu which was first offered in their restaurant the day after on November 16th.

3163 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80205

Wandering through the museum, the vibrant colors of Still’s work demand your attention. Seeing something, in what seems like nothing at first glance, is a very calming feeling. It not only allows you to explore the artists work, but explore yourself as well. I highly recommend reviewing his work in chronological order as it is laid out in the museum and allowing yourself time with each piece.

All in all this was a fantastic event and one that I would go to again, even though I know the artwork won’t be changing. Kudos to the Clyfford Still Museum staff for thinking of new ways to get repeat visitors to a single-artist institution!

diSTILLed Details:

  • Friday nights from 5-8pm
  • $10 Museum members | $15 advance public | $20 at the door

Clyfford Still Museum Details:

In celebration of their two years in Denver, the Clyfford Still Museum will be offering complimentary admission November 19-24, 2013.

2014 Free Days

  • Wednesday, January 8, 2014
  • Tuesday, March 11, 2014
  • Sunday, April 27, 2014
  • Friday, June 20, 2014
  • Thursday, August 7, 2014

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